Our Mission

Al Maha Group is committed to provide long-term relationships based on integrity, value, and client satisfaction. Al Maha will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality services.

Our Vision

Al Maha Group is not just a group of companies. We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to all over UAE and assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality.

Our Core Values

We believe that our primary asset is people. We maintain the lowest possible turnover of our staff; we give them satisfaction at work place and rewarding career. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success.

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal. Your Vision is Our Business







Who We Are

We Demand in Your Satisfaction

Let me tell you a little bit about ourselves, Al Maha Group is a leading Company in UAE we manage a wide range of services mainly focusing on Diesel trading, heavy/light workshops, and other services all over UAE. We're a dynamic team of passionate individuals. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch projects that not only meet our client's expectations but exceed them. Our talented crew is highly skilled in all aspects. As per the requirements and needs, Apart from this, we are also renowned for our heavy engineering work, hydraulic work, and all types of....


We Demand in Your Satisfaction

Diesel Trading

We Demand in Your Satisfaction

Exceptional performance

Diesel fuel is widely used for a variety of purposes, from powering large trucks and construction equipment to serving as a reliable energy source for generators. It has gained popularity due to its high energy density and efficiency compared to other petroleum products. We trade diesel in large scale and also in small scale we never compromise in the quality of our product so mean our quality is our trademark.

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Heavy / Light Workshop

We Demand in Your Satisfaction

We Provide reliable solutions that keep vehicles running smoothly on the road

Our workshop is well equipped with all variant power tools, expert mechanics, and comprehensive knowledge of various vehicle brands. From routine servicing to complex engine overhauls, we offer a range of solutions to ensure optimal performance and longevity for all types of vehicles. our workshop specializes in diagnosing issues efficiently and effectively, using advanced diagnostic equipment to pinpoint faults accurately. we can handle everything from brake repairs and suspension upgrades to electrical system troubleshooting.

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Our Activities

Transmission overhauling Division

Heavy Truck Repairing Division

Lube Servicing Divisions

Accident Work (Heavy/Light) Insurance

Spray Painting Booth

Welding and Line Boring Division

Heavy Equipment Workshop

Our Specialties

Hydraulic Pump Division

Diesel Pump Division (Fuel Injector)

Car Polishing (Interior & Exterior)

Car Detailing

Full Detailing

Manual Car Washing

Interior Cleaning

Interior Vaccum

Leather & Vinyl Treatment

DA Polisher & Waxing

Clay Bar Cleaning

Wheels Cleaning


Primary Scratch removal

Removal of dark and intense marks

Wheels and Bumper polishing

Chrome /Steel Polishing

Car Polishing

Body Work & Dent Fixing

Total Body Repair Work

Accident Repair

Scratch Repair

Denting Works

Bumper Repairs

Full Body Paint - We have professional paint shop department which take care of all kinds of painting works

Scratch repairs

Stain removal

Full Body paint


Oil Refinery

We Demand in Your Satisfaction

We take the raw,and make it refined

Well it's not as simple as just filtering out the impurities. The oil goes through a crazy process involving distillation, cracking, and reforming to transform it into different kinds of fuels that meet strict government regulations. We are composed with highly skilled workers, and meticulous quality control measures to ensure that the end result is clean-burning and efficient diesel fuel. We can provide you the best quality diesel and the other components. So far we are so concerned about the product we are selling so trust us we wont broke your trust.

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Fuel Injection Pump Servicing

We Demand in Your Satisfaction

Periodic checkup can give you more Durability

A Poorly functioning fuel injection pump can lead to all sorts of issues like engine misfires and poor acceleration. That's why it's crucial to have regular servicing done on this integral part of your vehicle's engine system. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly clean the pump, replace any worn-out components, and ensure that all the intricate little mechanisms are working harmoniously once again. Trust us when we say that a well-serviced fuel injection pump can breathe new life into your beloved wheels!

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Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

We Demand in Your Satisfaction

Well,we are fully equipped with all kinds of machinery

Well, we are fully equipped with all kinds of machinery spare parts which are rare, and also the essential components which your machinery needs. Never get scammed or find spares like detectives, scouring the globe for discontinued or hard-to-find parts, ensuring that your business never skips a beat hopping on to our spare parts section. We will sort out your issue. Whether it’s bulldozers, excavators, or cranes, we have an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers at our fingertips. We have an expert team for troubleshooting and identifying which part is needed for a specific machine model. With their vast knowledge and passion for heavy equipment. We Offer Genuine Spare parts and Accessories for a wide range of construction equipments.

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